Brighten up your day with a new change of color and/or exciting highlights! We offer shades from natural to fantastic and every style in between. Book now to see a new you.


Whether you're coming in for just a simple trim or a large-scale change of style, our designers will make sure you receive the best care for your personal needs. We can't wait to see what transformation you'll make!


As our most popular and well-known procedure, Japanese Straightening can change your entire look. This is why our customers travel from different cities and states to get this procedure. After 14 years of experience and thousands of testimonials, our quality is perfection.

Results last 4 to 6 months.


Our other most popular procedure is sure to get heads turning -- a bold, beachy wave that's easy to maintain and lasts for several months. Or, for a little bit more bounce, you can get a more spiral look to your curls. The possibilities are endless!

Results last 6 to 8 months.


Your hair works very hard to keep you looking fabulous, so let's reward it with our most moisturizing scalp treatments! This is the best way to keep your hair looking full, smooth, and healthy -- especially in the hot Houston sun.

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